IJCAI is the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, that held since 1969, is the main international gathering of researchers in AI. This year, IJCAI 2021, welcomes students and researchers to the forum diversity and inclusion in AI. IJCAI 2021 offers the possibility to participate to the forum that provides an opportunity to discuss research interests with other researchers in AI and network with other participants. Indeed, the main goal of the forum is to allow the participation in AI by diversity groups that are underrepresented in AI for many reasons. Diversity has many facets, including race, gender, age, disability, socioeconomic status, cultural background, geographic region, etc.

If you are interested, please send (as a single PDF file) a 3-page abstract that summarizes the research problem being investigated, the specific contributions made, and directions for the remaining work.

Deadline of submission 31st of July 2021!!!

The abstract has to be formatted using the IJCAI 2-column format (downloadable here: https://www.ijcai.org/authors_kit), and is limited to 3 pages, including references.

VERY IMPORTANT: IJCAI offers to attend the forum – In addition, you can have access to the whole conference by formally applying to IJCAI’s grants program available for participants to the forum: https://ijcai-21.org/volunteers-and-grants/ (deadline for GRANT: July 19)

For any further question, please contact Amal.Elfallah-Seghrouchni@um6p.ma