🌟🚀 We are thrilled to announce that Ai Movement – UM6P – Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Strategic Studies (IRES), co-organized a Reflection Day on the theme “Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence: A Lever for Accelerated Development in the Kingdom.”

🔍 The event aimed to explore the potential of AI as a trusted tool to foster positive change and accelerate development in the Kingdom of Morocco. With a lineup of renowned speakers and participants from around the world, the day was filled with insightful discussions, stimulating presentations, and captivating exchanges.

🌐 The sessions covered a wide range of topics, including:

  • AI as viewed by UNESCO
  • Contributions of AI globally
  • UN vision on AI and perspectives
  • The rise of AI in China

● Mr. Tawfik MOULINE, Director General of the Royal Institute of Strategic Studies (IRES)
● Prof. Amal EL FALLAH – SEGHROUCHNI, Executive President of the Ai Movement – UM6P – Mohammed VI Polytechnic University
● Mr. Tawfik Jelassi, Deputy Director-General, Communication and Information, UNESCO
● Mr. Malik Ghallab, General Delegate for Research and Transfer for Innovation, National Institute of Research in Digital Science and Technology: Contributions of AI globally
● Ms. Virginia Dignum, Professor in Responsible Artificial Intelligence – Umeå University, Member of the UN Advisory Board on AI: UN vision on AI and perspectives
● Mr. Mohammed SENOUSSI, Researcher, Writer, and Futurist: Geopolitical stakes of AI and presentation of a Benchmark of international AI strategies
● Ms. Justine SHEN, Principal AI Expert, Huawei Technologies: The rise of AI in China
● Mr. Stephane AMARGER, Digital Innovation Expert
● Dr. Eric ADJA, President of the Francophone and African Agency for Artificial Intelligence (AFRIA)
● Mr. Seydina Moussa NDIAYE, Researcher in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual University of Senegal, Member of the Global Partnership on AI (GPAI)
● Mr. Mounir Ghogho, Director of TICLab@UIR and Mr. Prof. Karim Baïna , Researcher in Computer Science and Software Engineering, ENSIAS
● Mr. Mohammed El Rhabi, Expert in numerical methods, Researcher, Ecole Centrale Casablanca: AI training in Morocco
● Mr. Salah BAINA, Expert in digital transformation
● Ms. Btissam EL khamlichi, Ph.D., Researcher, Ai Movement – UM6P – Mohammed VI Polytechnic University and Mr. Anas CHANAA, Cybersecurity Expert, CEO of Nucleon Security

🌍 A big thank you to all participants, speakers, and partners for making this event a resounding success!