Thesis topics :

The students must make their choice from the following list and can apply until
Friday, December 10, 2021.
Application closed !

3D Point Cloud Analysis for Objects, Scenes, and Building Recognition and Reconstruction

AI-based Decision Support System for Proactive Maintenance

Applying Machine Learning to Link Brain Activity and Social Behavior

Body Gesture Analysis and Emotion Recognition for Healthcare Application

Creative AI: Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Image/Audio/Video Creation and Generation

Multi-agent Energy Trading for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Mobile Charging Station

Multi-agent System for Elderly Care: A Primary Case Study in Morocco

Multi-Lingual Sentiment Classification

Multimodal Human-Drone Interaction for Non-Destructive Industrial Inspection

Neural Machine Translation for Arabic Language

Promoting Building Energy Efficiency using Edge-Based Transfer Learning

Reinforcement Learning for Collaborative Heterogeneous Swarm in a Partially Known Environment