Phd thesis offers | 2022-2023

We are organizing auditions at the AI MOVEMENT-UM6P International Center for Artificial Intelligence to select new doctoral students who will have the opportunity to pursue their Ph.D.
📅 The auditions will be held in two sessions:
  • Session 1: July 20th
  • Session 2: July 22th
⏰ The registration deadline is set for July 14th!

Machine Learning for Solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems: Application to Drone Routing Problem.

Event-aided Visual Navigation.

Machine learning for constraint satisfaction and optimization.

Modeling and design of an intelligent gas sensor based on metal oxides deposited by PVD process.

Grasp Synthesis for Hand-Object Interactions.

Multi-modal Data Integration and Processing for Breast Cancer Screening.

3D Human Motion Generation.

The Inductive Constraint Programming Loop.

Collaborative Agricultural Production using the Game Theory.

A Realtime Farmers’ Advisory based on a ChatBot Approach in Moroccan Dialect.

Carbon Sequestration Modelling using Machine Learning Approaches.