I thank Mr. Rachid Talbi Alami, President of the House of Representatives of Morocco, for the invitation to present my vision of #AI within the Moroccan #parliament to the committee responsible for #AI and led by Mr. Anouar SABRI.

✨ Very interesting and profound exchanges followed my presentation, and I had the pleasure of proposing some recommendations. I particularly advocated for the need to equip #Morocco with a national #AI strategy and to accelerate its acceptance by civil society as well as its development by stakeholders around 3 complementary aspects: #training, #Research & #Development, and #innovation. This requires significant investment and accelerating the #movement towards #AI.

✨ I also had the opportunity to develop the pan-African vision promoted by Ai Movement as a Category 2 center of #UNESCO for the #Africa region. I emphasized that UM6P – Mohammed VI Polytechnic University is strongly committed to this path and that it organized the first African #AI Conference in 2018 in collaboration with UNESCO. This conference resulted in the Benguerir Declaration.